Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lily's purse

Here are the photos of Lil's purse that I mentioned:

Take 1 - which like I said, wasn't bad,
(it was actually one of her better  projects)
but wouldn't hold up to use
(not entirely sure what exactly I'll be doing with it, though...;-)

And then, her remake - after trimming the fabric a little more neatly,
she sewed with right sides together and used a stitching line guide,
and folded down the top and then top-stitched using a specially selected color thread

And a few more photos,
just because :-)

Lily ~ Momma is so proud of you for choosing to be teachable. I love you, my girl!!


  1. great job Lily! it is so good you did a remake on it. and you learned new things!! we are proud of you, too!
    love you,
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. It's so wonderful to witness your children achieving something like this. Lily has done a great job, beautiful choice of stitching colour too!

  3. Awww! If we lived nearer each other I envision all kinds of sewing awesomeness between us and our girls :). Very nice work Lily, and I really love the fabric choice :)

  4. Michelle ~ oh my goodness, wouldn't that be fun?!
    Thanks, Karen & Mom!!
    I'll have to be sure Lily sees all these comments :-)

  5. LILY!! what a lovely purse you have made! your momma is just the best teacher! its fabulous!! xoxo


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