Wednesday, July 22, 2015

productive progress

I've had a really productive couple of weeks.

Last week, 
the very same day
that I finished the machine quilting on my commission project.

Then I added binding to both
by machine
and pressed
glue basted the binding to the back in preparation for hand sewing it down.

With that,
my commission work was done,

I immediately started on my One Block Wonder quilt,
which I cut out one day
when I just wanted to work on something different
(so, technically, not a new project ;-)

I panicked because I'd cut my triangles with a blunt tip,
and worried for days that I'd wasted all that fabric.

so I asked her about it,
and she sweetly responded and told me I'd be just fine.

These blocks are so much fun to make!
I set up my little ironing table right by my machine
and got into a good rhythm with the sewing and pressing
and really
never wanted to stop when it was time to.

Being my first OBW,
I didn't want to confuse myself with turning the triangles and deciding on the 'best' configuration,
so I just went with the blunted tip at center.

'scuse the extra crappy night-time phone pics

I got all 576 triangles sewn into 192 hexagon halves in 7 hours
over the course of 3 days,
then spent 3 hours sewing them into rows.

I've spent about a half hour pressing those,
and still have probably an hour to go.
Then I'll sew the rows together\and figure the rest out the quilt top from there.

Yesterday morning
I did the machine quilting on my stars and squares,
just a simple huge FMQ flower in each star block.

When I quilted my commission quilt,
I really had to fight with it to move it around,
not because of the size or weight,
but it just did.not.slide.
Every quilting session was such a workout.

I didn't want to fork over almost $50 for a Supreme Slider,
so I put on my thinking cap.
 I just searched 'teflon' on Amazon to see what I might come up with.

I found some teflon pressing cloth things that might have worked,
but none of the reviews mentioned quilting.
Then I found teflon oven liners,
and a couple of the reviewers used them for FMQ.
so then I googled to see if I could find anyone else using oven liners for 
quilting slip and slides,
and lo and behold I found someone
(I forget who, sorry)
who had used a SS, but wore it out, and tried the liner 
and found it to be just as helpful.
I figured for $8.55 I'd give it a whirl.

I can no longer consider my FMQ my workout.

I just cut out a little hole for my needle 
and cut a little curve for the side of my machine
and used a few pieces of masking tape to keep it in place
and I had myself a little ice-skating rink
for my quilt.

My arms are sore today,
but it's from an actual workout - with weights,
not fabric.

p.s. I have less than 1/2 of the binding to sew down,
so I may very well have a  delicious quilty finish to share on Friday :-)


  1. I love your one block wonder. I've always admired these quilts but have never made one. Maybe sometime.


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