Monday, July 27, 2015

weird much?

I don't go around thinking about how weird we are;
we're just 'us'.

But every once in a while,
I catch a little glimpse....

we made playdough.
I don't really think is weird at all.
But the fact that my girls were intrigued by the flour packaging,
(because they don't recall ever seeing it before)
now that was weird.

And then,
when we were scenting the playdough
(okay, that may be just a little weird...)
Lexi asked if she could use Eucalyptus
 instead of any of the essential oil options already on the table.
When I told her to go grab it from the bathroom,
she hopped down from her chair
and fist-bumped the air, "Yes!"

Because all 6 yr olds love eucalyptus.


  1. How old are your girls? Was it unusual flour packaging? Maybe if you usually keep it in a jar on the counter, or something...

  2. Robin ~ We have eaten wheat free for a couple of years, and before that, I milled our flour out of wheat berries, so very few packages of flour have been purchased in their lifetime.


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