Thursday, July 2, 2015

chicks, sort of...

Really, they are more chickens than chicks.
But we still call them 'the babies'...

We have at least 3 roosters.
I'm thinking that the lady who helped me at Atwoods
(even though they aren't supposed to)
didn't really know her stuff all that well : /

This little one had a bum leg,
but we set up a little hospital in the chick pen,
separated from the others by a piece of glass
so she wouldn't be lonely.
We put another small chick in with her to keep her warm,
and treated her with lots of snuggles and helichrysum e.oil.
She was able to leave the hospital after a few weeks, 
but it was a full 2 months before I was fully convinced she'd really be okay.

Jeremiah, Chicken Whisperer 

We do love our chickens!

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