Wednesday, July 8, 2015

luscious loopy love

I am still hand-quilting my luscious quilt
at a rate of about 30 inches 
per episode of Bones.

We watch 5, maybe 6 episodes a week,
so it's fairly slow going.

I'm quilting in no particular order.
I told Tyler the other day,
that one day
I'll just pick it up and discover I have nothing left to quilt :-)

This is probably my favorite block. Love the echinacea!! But then, the smiling kitties make me happy, too...

At which point, I'll move on to FMQ the stars,
which will probably take all of 2 hours
for what I have planned.

I've also started quilting my latest commissioned project.
It's slower going than I had hoped,
but about what I expected.

I'm FMQ (free motion quilting) a loopy pattern with lots of hearts sprinkled in.

It certainly is looking like this quilt will end up nice and crinkly
with a fabulous texture!

I'm a tad envious that it isn't mine...

Which is frustrating, because, first of all,
my Janome was soooo fabulous with it,
but also
because I did a ton of research before buying the Juki Exceed F600
and everybody loves it for FMQ.

Anyways, after lots of tinkering, 
I've settled on using Aurifil on top
(variegated, if you can believe it)
and Guterman Skala200 (similar to Bottom Line) in the bobbin
and it's working nicely.
I'm on my 6th bobbin (or maybe 7th?) and I'd say I'm about 70% done.

I had a few uninterrupted hours yesterday to sew,
and was hoping to get it finished,
but that
was a pipe dream
as that 70% is after I'd finished yesterday...

Of course, I would have made more progress if I hadn't,
ever so carefully and lovingly
 - with very tiny stitches -
(because that's how they end up when I do words (?)
quilted the wrong date.

Fortunately, I caught my error right away.
But I felt pretty ding
(points if you can tell me what movie that line is from :-)

Linking up with scrap loving Lee :-)

love this echinacea too. I probably should buy all of the colors :-) I also love the yellow dots. soo soft. As is the Art Gallery blue...
Who am I kidding? I love everything in this quilt!


  1. Yes, I would highly recommend buying every color from the echinacea print - it's fabulous! I really like the hand quilting on this and your comment about picking it up one day and realizing that you have nothing left to quilt made me laugh out loud. Really nice WIP!

  2. Stunning hand quilting! The fmq is super cute too!

  3. Beautiful hand quilting!! Nice to see it has not become a lost art in the day and age of the quilting machine. Karen from Tu-Na Quilts.

  4. Lovely hand quilting! I love your fabric combo... it's going to be a great finish!

  5. Your hand quilting is so neat - it looks lovely!

  6. Both of these are looking great. I especially like your hand you may expect. :)

  7. This quilt is everything a quilt should be. I love it!



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