Tuesday, June 2, 2015

the fun continues

I've been planning all along to machine quilt it,
just relatively quick all over free motion quilting 
to create lots of texture and crinkling once it's washed.

But as I was pressing my backing
(yep, got that made, too :-)
I got to thinking that maybe I should hand quilt it instead.

So now, I'm in a quandary.

quick awesome texture?
slow awesome big stitches, 
but not so awesome texture?
('cuz there's no way I'm hand quilting that much)

I know I just blathered on about how mixing machine and hand quilting was sorta my signature...
but I'm not really seeing them together on this quilt;
I'm seeing one,
or the other.



I almost forgot;
I came up with a great aid for pressing seams open after joining blocks and/or rows.

Lots of times, when I get to that stage,
when I press the current seams,
I kinda mess up some of my previous carefully pressed seams,
so I thought a long narrow pressing surface would be ideal.

What to use???

A 1 inch, 4 foot dowel rod.
It worked fabulously.

Fab u lous ly !!

I will be using that technique often in the future.
Not only did I not mess up a single previous seam,
the seams pressed on the dowel were so flat.
It's almost as if
the dowel worked as a clapper.
From the wrong side...

So many delightful fabrics, all in one place.
*happy sigh*

linking up with the crafty people at Lee's WiPW
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  1. It should be no surprise that this may be my 2nd favorite quilt of all time!


  2. What a fun colorful quilt!

  3. Beautiful quilt! I think a mixture of hand and machine stitching would look fabulous!
    *Found via Freshly Pieced*

  4. L.o.v.e your quilt! And thanks for the dowel tip.

  5. What a great tip! I need to try it. I hate messing up previous seams, it makes me sad. No idea on the quilting, though, sorry! I'm lazy and always send mine to a long armer for a simple all-over pattern. Good luck deciding!

  6. You are so diligent, I am much too lazy to press the seams open. Beautiful quilt.


  7. Such a lovely quilt... the colours are cheerful! I possibly would do a mixture of both, machine quilt the block outlines, then play with some hand quilting!

  8. Such fun fabrics all together! I don't think you can go wrong with your quilting choices...

  9. I love your bright, busy design!

  10. Pressing over the dowel is a brilliant idea!


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