Monday, June 1, 2015

church camp

I wasn't sure I was entirely thrilled about the girls going to church camp.
But, they wanted to go,
Tyler was fine with it,
and the boys had gone last year....

Lexi made a chart up several weeks ago
and has gotten out of bed more than once,
because she'd forgotten to mark off a day.

She about drove. me. nuts. with the "where's my packing list"
(hers was a day camp.)
"What vehicle should Brandon drive us in?
Prob'ly Dad's, because the other vehicles hold more people."
"What time to we need to leave?"

Saturday morning, she was up bright and early,
and was ready to go well before the 
(earlier than really necessary) 
7:25 departure

She had a great time and can't wait to go again next year.

Lily goes Friday.
(and stays over one night!)

Needless to say,
she's got her chart made up...

Jeremiah and Josiah go the following week.
(They stay 3 nights)
(They don't have a chart.)
Brandon's week is the one after that,
but he's actually going to all of the camps,
as a Counselor in Training,
and will be at Camp Joshua more than he'll be home this month!
(that's going to be weird)
(He doesn't have a chart either.)

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