Friday, June 19, 2015

girls with needles and thread

Yesterday morning found us at the fabric shop.

I needed 2/3 of a yard 
of a specific print.

(I'd already messaged Linda on FB to find out that she still had some...:-)

I love that Lex still has baby(ish) hands. Another year or so, and they'll be gone. See the above picture...

We left 45 minutes after we arrived
with way more than 2/3 of a yard of fabric.

I had to make the gas money worth it, ya know?

In addition to the bits I bought,
I also let the girls each pick out 2 fabrics and get 1/4 yard of each.

Lily said she'd rather get 1/2 yard of 1 print instead.

Another customer was there and she told the girls how proud she was that they sewed.
Which, of course, made them beam.

As soon as we got home, Lily got out her scissors
and Lexi turned on the iron.
(You know how that girl loves to iron!
She used mine, since it was out, but she has her own.
What 6 year old wants an iron for her birthday?!)

I cut Lexi's fabric for her since she was not at all pleased with her uneven scissor cuts.
(what girl who loves to iron would be?)

I also knotted her thread and got her started with a few stitches.
Beyond that, she did it all herself.

the back of  Lil's.     Girl's got some pretty even stitches!
This picture totally doesn't show it, but the flower centers (that look white) are yellow.

I knotted Lily's thread, too, 
and drew her stitching line,
but she didn't want me starting her stitches.

Lexi wanted to press her seams open, 
"Like you do"
but we'd glue basted her pieces (oh, I did that part too)
and while you can press a seam open that's been glue basted,
I encouraged her to press to the side.

Once I assured her that I sometimes press to the side,
and in fact had on my current quilt,
she was okay with it.

One of these days,
I'll teach them to sew with the machine.

(They've both told me multiple times, sometimes with a hint of a sigh,
that they could get a lot more sewn 
if they could use a sewing machine.)

But for now, 
I think hand-sewing is working just fine.
(plus, it keeps them busy longer...)

note that Baby Bunny is wearing a matching vest. 

Lexi has chosen her back,
so we've got to get her quilt basted and figure out how she'll quilt it.
I'm thinking maybe yarn ties.

Lily has already started on to her next project; a tiny patchwork quilt.
Her starting squares
are roughly an inch.

I love you, my little seamstresses.

linking up with Amanda Jean's FiuF
because even small finishes
are finishes.


  1. This is precious! Beautiful girls and memories.

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Your girls are already skilled with needle and thread, but I guess that's no surprise with you for a role model. :-)

  3. Delightful! I love to see children sewing - it's a wonderful life skill. Both Lily and Lexi each chose beautiful fabrics too!

  4. They are adorable!!! I keep waiting for the day when my daughter or son asks me to teach him/her how to sew! Maddie is 5 1/2 which I think is old enough if she was interested.... I love their insight about getting more done on the sewing machine, and their stitching looks great. So adorable!


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