Tuesday, June 23, 2015

practicing, pattern testing, and paper-piecing

I'm not a big fan of paper piecing.
Foundation paper piecing, that is,

It's just so fiddly,
I think.

I kept forgetting which way faced 'out' and ever so carefully sewed the butterfly and the pearls facing inwards. 

When I was perusing some of the quilts in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival,
I happened upon this beauty
And I thought,
just maybe,
I might give FPP another whirl.

I  obsessively checked kept checking back to see if the pattern was available.

Sylvia sent me a note apologizing that she was a bit behind on releasing the pattern.
There was a little snafu with a pattern tester...

So I offered to be a pattern tester for her
(albeit a completely inexperienced one!)
in place of the one that got away.

But then I didn't hear back from her.

Until I did. 
Last Wednesday afternoon.
And she wondered if I was still interested,
and if I could get back to her with my results in 2-3 weeks.

I told her I couldn't pull off a whole quilt top in that time frame, 
but I could do a mini,
which should be plenty to tell how things work.

I'm happy to report that her pattern is super.
I'm still not a big fan of (foundation) paper piecing though.
(I think part of it, this time around, 
is that I have been so busy that I've only managed to work on it in tiny little chunks of time.
And I sorta feel rushed, because I decided to use an Independence Day theme,
so my deadline is approaching more quickly than hers.
Plus - the papers.
I hate peeling off the paper!
I think I may give this method a go, because I really do love the quilt!)

This will be my first time piecing curves.
So far, I haven't let myself get too nervous about it.
We'll see how I feel when I actually sit down to sew them...


I'd planned on settling on thread
for my commissioned project
(I ordered a couple of choices, and they arrived Saturday :-)
and practicing yesterday,
totally forgetting that we'd be gone a good portion of day  : /

Hopefully, I will be able to get to that today.
But then we'll be gone all day tomorrow,
so I won't be able to make much progress.

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  1. This is going to look so great! I somehow missed this quilt during BQF, so thank you for pointing it out. :D I think paper piecing takes practice to figure out which way works best for you. Everyone I know (in person anyways) is a big fan of the fancy paper, but I found it far too thin for me, so I go with regular ole copy paper. The tearing off bit can be a bit boring, but I just indulge in some reality shows and it flies by. :D This one will be well worth the effort though!

  2. Oh, I'm loving the monochromatic look for the stars! The paperless paper piecing method is a good one; you might also consider a freezer paper method. Those also don't involve sewing through the actual papers, and you then just peel the freezer paper away. :)

  3. Your FPP is looking great, such lovely exact corners. I've not tried FPP yet like yourself I love some EPP.

  4. This looks great so far!!! If removing the paper is the part you dread, shorten your stitch length. I use a 1.2 stitch length, which is tiny, BUT then the paper is so perforated, it basically melts away like hot butter once you're finished. Call me crazy, but removing the paper at the end is one of my favorite parts! I love the complexity and perfection you get with foundation paper piecing. I'm glad you're trying it again!


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