Monday, June 15, 2015

miscellaneous Monday musings

Brandon is at camp this week.
He'll be home Friday afternoon, 
and in less than 48 hrs,
he'll leave again.

Who planned this?!

We already miss him like crazy.


I spent the last week or two 
thinking that Father's Day was the 14th.

I took the 3 youngest for a 3 hr shopping trip
 to finish up getting gifts.

When we got home, 
Brandon asked, "Do you think tomorrow is Father's Day?"
"Tomorrow is Father's Day!" I replied.

"Father's Day is the 21st." 

After I checked the calendar and saw that he was right,
I just laughed and laughed.
Lily said, "we're so dumb!"

The good news is,
we're all prepared for the real Father's Day,
and Daddy got to open a few gifts early
(I don't think his fish would have been real happy to wait)
we get two 'Father's Day Dinners'.


I've got some commission quilting lined up.
I think I'll be able to get it done in just a few weeks,
but right now, 
I'm just mulling and praying over 
to do.
And what color thread I want to use...

My client has full confidence in me.
I hope to make her proud.

Speaking of,
I got a sweet note from Rahab's rope the other day,

in use.

I can't tell you how happy (and teary) that made me.

I feel so, so blessed to be able to give this way.
(And it is such a special treat to receive a 'progress report'!)


If you live in the FSM area
and are in need want of a gel manicure,
I highly recommend visiting Christine
at the Style Shop in Stonewood Village.
(tell her I sent you :-)

I went to see her on my friend's recommendation
and had the prettiest nails I've ever had.
I'm scheming ways I can afford to get them done again...


When we went shopping Saturday,
there was a train.
I figured we could either 
take the long way to Fort Smith,
wait 5-10 minutes for the train,
or we could run to Rags (a consignment shop) real quick.

We choose Rags and hit the jackpot.
Lexi got a dress and a tunic and leggins,
Lily got 2 dresses and a flow-y top 
(Kac' - she has your taste in clothes)
and Josiah got a sports shirt and a black Polo for church.

I kinda hated that we didn't have time to look for me;
I feel certain we'd have found some good stuff.


I have to get some labwork done this week;
I've got an appointment with Dr Baker next week.

I'm feeling more 'even' than I've felt in ages,
but my even is at a much lower level than I'd prefer.
Hopefully, he'll have some ideas...

I'm soo much better than I was a few years ago.
and for that I am immensely grateful.


We've got some friends over this morning.
Kids just invaded my space,
so I guess I'm done here...


  1. hehe, So what your saying is I totally have more shopping partners!! :D

  2. that - AND, I'm going to have to learn to sew with that %^*@# slippery sheer fraying fabric ;-) XO


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