Tuesday, April 29, 2008

happy birthday, Lana

I woke up thinking
this is the day
You’d think
since the first one was 12 ½ weeks early
the second one would at least be a week or so early!
2 minutes before her due date
was all the early she could muster.
I waited an hour or so
just to be sure.
Then I tried calling Tyler
(Army - 'nuff said)
After getting the run-around for about 10 minutes
I finally told the person on the phone,
“I need to talk to Tyler now.
This is his wife. I am in labor.
He needs to call me before he comes home."
I hadn’t wanted to tell anyone;
I knew when they told him
he’d freak out and speed home.
And I didn’t want him to come home
I wanted him to go to the quick-stop
and get me a raspberry filled powdered-sugared donut first!
in about 5 minutes
He showed up at the window
(another story entirely)
wondering why on earth I was so calm
and not ready to go…
The hospital was about 45 minutes away
in Landstuhl , Germany
We got there early afternoon.
They checked me
said I wasn’t doing much of anything
and we should walk around.
We went to the cafeteria to get something to eat
After all - I never did get my jelly donut!
We got settled in a room early evening.
Fast forward to 11 pm
I wasn’t progressing quickly
But I sure was in pain!
The nurse was impatient with me
and told me I better get a grip
'cause that baby wasn’t coming any time soon!
I had a grip!
I was hanging onto Tyler’s sleeve
And apparently, with every contraction
I would twist the sleeve.
Tyler called the nurse in and told her I thought it was time
She grumbled, but took us to the delivery room
She didn’t bother calling the doctor on duty
you know
since I wasn’t having the baby any time soon.
She told Tyler to help get me on the delivery table
He grabbed me from behind
she went to the foot of the bed.
She starts saying, “Stop!”
Tyler wasn’t sure what I was doing,
but he chimed in too, telling me to stop whatever it was.
He was going to just throw me on that table by himself
since the nurse didn’t seem to be helping.
‘No, You stop!”
This time
it’s clear she’s not talking to me, after all,
she’s talking to Tyler!
The doc never even got called
and I sure didn’t make it onto that table!
Just a few minutes later
and there she was
A girl!
Our little princess
Lana Marie
She was a dream child,
giving us very little trouble over the years
bringing us so much joy
And now, in just 24 days
She’ll be gone.
How can 20 years go by in the blink of an eye?
I love you,
my beautiful daughter
my friend

Monday, April 28, 2008

my love

In my earliest memory of him
he made me laugh.
We worked together on Fridays.
I worked days
He worked evenings
but on Fridays
I’d pull a long shift,
working both the lunch and dinner rushes.
I was a waitress in an ugly uniform
He was a cook.
(in an equally ugly uniform)
For whatever reason, I was grouchy
and he made a stupid little potato person to cheer me up.
Oddly enough, it worked.
he’s been on my mind
ever since.
Happy (belated) Birthday
to the love of my life.
Because he is forty, forty things about him
He loves the Lord
He’s an awesome dad
He has a heart for the lost
He’s a good son
He makes delicious sloppy joes
He spurs me on to good works
(although, admittedly, sometimes it irritates me at the time)
He sees the good in people
He’s handsome
He likes a good action movie
He also enjoys a sappy romance
He appreciates my efforts in the kitchen
He’s quick to change when he’s erred
He has great legs
And gorgeous eyes
He’s steady
But he can still fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants
He brings me flowers for no reason
And pays full-price, even though I fuss at him
He’s a hard worker
He’s creative and will figure out the easiest way to get the work done
He’s a good inventor
He reads the same books over and over to the little boys
He loves my parents
As much as he loves his own
He can take a short nap and wake up refreshed
He gives Lily her baths
and tells me what a good girl she was
even though she cried the entire time
He loves a good joke
He also loves a stupid joke
He’s honest
And expects everyone else to be, too
He tries hard to speak my love language
Even though it's ‘foreign’ to him
He’s smart
And wise
He makes up wonderful stories for the kids
He will obey God no matter what
He loves a good back massage
But he doesn’t get one nearly as often as he should
He's much nicer than I am
He rarely complains
He is faithful
and I am so very grateful
that he is
I love you, Tyler

Thursday, April 24, 2008

pictures that make me smile

that I never managed to get posted...
in no particular order...
the boys with Grandpa


peeked out the window one day to see
picking flowers for Momma

LilyPie at the park
man, she's grown in 2 months!

Jeremiah & Josiah bought this train
with their Easter $1 from Granny
at the thrift store.
it even had batteries in it!

another view from my window
It made me smile to think that in a few years
they'll be hanging out their own diapers
(made by gramma - with love)
with their own little ones helping.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, TJ

It had been a long week.
For the past seven days
I’d spent the majority of my time
slightly inverted in a hospital bed
lying on my left side
trying in vain to stop labor.
Somewhere around 3:00 on the 21st
The nurses decided they weren’t going to stop it.
Like it or not
after only 27 wks and 3 days
the baby was coming.
They moved me to a labor room.
I say room loosely
as it was really just an ‘area’ bordered with red curtains.
Did I mention I was alone?
I was.
All by myself
with some grouchy nurses who checked in once in awhile.
Lying flat on my back strapped to a fetal monitor.
Later that evening
the contractions quit registering on the monitor
So the lovely nurses told me I was no longer having them.
Except, I could still feel them.
and they were hurting!
“It’s just all in your head” they told me.
And so began a lifelong general mistrust for the medical profession.
Around 11 o’clock
I got brave and moved the stupid belt myself
and wouldn’t you know it
it showed I was having contractions again.
And they said, “This baby is comin’!”
I probably smarted off, “I told you!!”
I’m pretty sure I bruised the arms of two of those nurses.
Not because I punched them, mind you,
but because they were kind enough to let me hold on.
And I was squeezing pretty tight.
They told me to wait - Dr Jain was coming.
(that was another pattern that seemed to develop -
waiting for the doctor to have the baby…)

She finally walked in the door
looked me in the eyes
and said, “Now, you can push.”
At 12:02am, April 22nd, 1987
a scrawny little 2 lb 15 oz boy entered the world.
And I was smitten.

We’ve always known God has special plans for this one.
Still aren’t sure what all those plans are
But His hand is clearly on him.
We share a love for movies
and a general dislike for musicals.
And food.
(We love food, we don’t dislike it - in case there’s any confusion.)
He’s generous
He’s a good friend
He’s smart
He’s an excellent mechanic
And plumber
He laughs heartily
He loves babies
and they love him
He’s thoughtful
And he’s my favorite 21 year old in the whole world!
I love you, T.
Happy Birthday!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

coming soon to a mailbox near you...

they're in the mail!
I haven't been so relieved to finish a project
in a long time.
that's not quite true;
I was pretty darn relieved when I finally
got those blasted sleeves in the wedding dress last Saturday
when she saw them
she knew
those were the sleeves she wanted
very Galadrielish
if you're a LOTR's fan
(which I'm not! But I've been subjected to it enough
to have learned a thing or two...)
I said, "Sure I can do that."
you know
I can do anything
and she's my daughter and it's what she wants.....
(and I had no clue how tricky they would be to put in!)
Those sleeves were a bugger!
Tyler asked me what else had to be done.
I told him I was taking the rest of the day off
from wedding work!
Thanks, everyone, for pitching in
and helping with the invitations.
We make a pretty good team!


I just finished licking 173 envelopes
I think my tongue is swollen
we still have a doz or so more invites to do
but we ran out of the vellum
seems our printer
has developed quite an appetite
for vellum
I never intended to stay up so late
but I really wanted to finish the job....
I will be happy to get these babies in the mail!
great big thanks
to Eva & Susie for doing the bulk of the addressing for us!
our entire family is gifted with lousy handwriting;
I cheated
the envelopes I addressed, I did on the computer.
I hope that isn't a major faux pas
cause they really do look so much nicer
than if I'd done them by hand!
I've been hungry for a few hours
but we had a silly little
no-food-anywhere-near-the-invitations policy
so I couldn't eat
and I didn't want to take the time to stop....
but now
I'm going to have a piece of honey toast
and crawl into bed
and tomorrow
make that later today
I'll get to mark something else off the list

Saturday, April 19, 2008

finally fun

People keep asking,
"Aren't ya'll having so much fun?"
and when they say 'fun'
their nose crinkles up & their voice get higher.
as a matter a fact
we are not having fun!
this is supposed to be FUN??
what part?
we actually had some fun
with the wedding planning
It's been a very productive day.
We completely re-did our Unforgettables' order
(you have to do that when you change wedding locations...)
and even had enough money to get the punch fountains
that Lana really was hoping to have.
(yes, fountains)
We got all of the serving pieces figured out
and most of them ordered or purchased.
We got the invitations printed and cut.
we went to Sam's a bought the pool!
We came home to find Lily napping.
Papa said she was a good girl the whole time!

Now, the guys are diggin' away
while Jeremiah makes use of the 'pool'
we currently have
(formerly the chicken brooder - soon to be the goat waterer)

Josiah is sawing logs

Lily is still being a good girl
she won't be still!

Lana is getting ready for her final concert of the semester

all in all
a good day
and it's not even over yet
Thank-you, Lord!

Friday, April 18, 2008

strawberry girl

just in case there's any confusion
as to what happened to all the strawberries yesterday...
Lily ate them.
And she's not a bit shy about it!
so she didn't eat all of them
but I bet she ate about a half a pound!!
That girl loves strawberries!
And we sure love that girl!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


pancakes for dinner
We haven't had pancakes in almost a year
you know
half of the batter
we have an excess of milk.
That doesn't happen real often around here;
we're rationing it.
Josiah is in heaven!
I decided to make pancakes for lunch
to found out around 11:45
that we had no syrup!
The boys had been so looking forward to pancakes
and I'd already had the flour soaking
so I figured we'd just have them for dinner.
Lana picked up syrup
since it was dinner, not lunch,
I had her get some strawberries and cream, too.
(Tyler always says it feels almost like cheating
we're having dessert for dinner)
I had Tyler get more strawberries on his way home
cause when I went to get them out of the fridge
there were only SIX left!
I suppose
it could have something to do with how long it's been,
we all agreed
they were some of the best pancakes we've had
(even though I did forget the eggs...)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

loss of words

yet another sign that my baby girl is all growed up
She tossed her words.
all of them
One year for language
the kids (Tj & Lana) had to read from a book list
make index cards
of every word they came across in their reading
that they didn't know.
Lana, being the 'wordy' one,
took the assignment much more seriously than her brother;
her box of words was precious.
Once, some little person got into her box
and she ended up in tears
someone had 'spilled her words'.
(I'm ashamed to admit it, but the rest of us thought it was rather funny.
Not the mess, mind you, but
all over the floor.... guess you had to be there)
very reluctantly
threw her words in the trash.
she has nothing left
but an empty box
a couple thousand rarely-used words
rolling around in her head.
I love you, Baby Girl!

do you see what I see?

I'm darn near giddy with excitement!
(I know - I don't get out much!
and that's just the way we like it :-)
how blessed can one mama be??

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


when the boys get in the fridge
and 'fix' their own snack
I get a little irritated.
how could I complain
when they chose this??
on an entirely different note
I had to brag on Jeremiah;
A wise man keeps himself under control
but a fool gives full vent to anger
"I think what you meant
'okay, Momma, thank-you anyways'"
is something that is heard
pretty often around here.
Last Thursday
Jeremiah asked me if he could do something
and I told him, "no".
he looked at me
and said,
"okay, Momma. Thank-you anyways!"
he's worked really hard to keep
this attitude ever since.
you sure do please God and Momma and Papa!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

tea parties

Lily and I had our first
of what I suspect
will be
tea parties.
It was rather impromptu;
she kept crawling to the cabinet & pulling out cups.
I finally it figured out -
she wanted to have a tea party!
so maybe not
we had a little tea party anyways.
She kept switching cups with me;
wasn't quite sure why
had something in my cup
but she
did not.


for about a month or so.
I also check in fairly often with sweet, ornery baby Ashley.
It’s caused me to think a lot about organ donation.
I’d always planned to donate my organs -
I wouldn’t need them anymore…
and I figured
if ‘science’ wanted it
they could have the rest of my body, too.
I was thrilled when all I had to do
was check a box on my driver’s license form
to show my desire to be a donor.
A few years ago
Tyler and I were talking
for the sake of argument
(that man does like to argue)
he said maybe we shouldn’t be doing organ transplants;
Perhaps, in doing so, we were playing God.
it’s no secret
that I believe that doctors often cross the lines
and play God sometimes,
so this made me really question transplants.
So much so
that when it came time to renew my license,
I left the donor box unchecked
because I hadn’t really figured it out yet.
I’ve felt badly about it from time to time
but as a general rule
I’m pretty wrapped up in my own life
and didn’t give it much thought.
Until I started reading these two blogs.
I have come full circle;
I’m surprised it took me so long.
I’m dumb like that sometimes!
God is far too big
to let a ‘little’ thing like an organ donation
change His plan.
…All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be
Psalm 129:16
Tricia got her new lungs last night.
Someone lost their life yesterday, in order for her to get them.
I hope that that person is now in the presence of Jesus
and that Tricia can live out the rest of her pre-ordained days
bringing glory to the Father,
just as she’s been doing.
Just as I hope to do.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

oh happy day

It's been one of those days.
it's been one of those weeks.
you know,
the kind where not much of anything
goes right...
I got a gift just a moment ago ~
a new laundry helper!!
LilyPie saw Momma putting the clothes in the dryer
so she crawled in to help!
She doesn't have it figured out quite yet.
I understand how she's confused;
the only other helping she's done with laundry
has been to take the clothes
of the washer
toss them down......