Sunday, November 4, 2012


That's how many minutes I spent looking for my keys this morning.
I do believe that's a record.


The up side is - my purses are cleaned out.
The desk is clean.
The trash that accumulates on the bookshelves got tossed.
The top of the fridge is clean.
All trash has been removed from various jacket pockets
and I added $4 and seven cents to the anniversary jar.


  1. LOL I love that up side to losing something! ;)

  2. GAH!!!! I hate when I lose my keys, since its always when I am trying to run out the door! your upside is great never happens here, sometimes I end up with a bigger mess!

  3. I can relate to that. in fact I looked for keys today lost in my purse (twice). and I should be looking for something right now. a piece of paper probably "in a box" somewhere. :(
    (no grinning TJ or Bill)
    glad you got lots of nooks and crannys cleaned out!


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