Friday, November 30, 2012

sibling pride

Jeremiah and Josiah found a box of dust-covered trophies in the shop.
They took it upon themselves to  lovingly clean them up,
certain that their owners will be so excited to take home the newly found treasures.

I sat in the living room, knotting, burying, and trimming threads on Lily's (this-close-to-being-finished) quilt
and listened.
"Here's Tony's basketball trophy."
 "We went to every single game of his, you know."
(Never mind neither are old enough to remember)
Picking up (I presume, I couldn't see...) a soccer trophy from over a dozen years ago, Josiah said with longing,
"I wish we could have gone to Lana's soccer games. 
I can tell she was really good!"
"Oh, look! TJ was a Ranger! Mom, did TJ play for the Rangers?" (not sure what was especially exciting about that...)
"I bet he did awesome!"

I love that they automatically assume that their big kids were great!


  1. awww, Of Course they look up to the big ones!!! and they are right, they are great! hugs!

  2. that is sweet!!
    love you guys!


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