Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I don't remember my mom ever getting frustrated
as she deftly rolled out dough.
Making pies turns me into a crazy woman.
Just the thought of making pie crust
frazzles me.
You'd think I could just buy the piecrust already made (gag)
but alas, I cannot.
I did, stop and look at them yesterday, though,
but decided if I'm going to eat wheat, by golly, it's gonna taste good.
And then,
for a brief (very brief) moment,
I considered buying
- wait for it -
When I was 15
I won the 'most improved student' trophy at the end of the year ceremony at Bentonville Christian Academy.
It wasn't for improvement in academics.

Most Improved Student.
Think about that.
Is that really an award you want to win?!
How bad was I at the beginning of the school year to be singled out for this award??


am awarding myself
Most Improved Piemaker award.

While we made the cranberry jello salad,
Lily talked so much about helping make the pies
(although, truthfully, I think she just wants to eat the pies)
that I didn't have the heart to tell her it was a mommy-only job.
So I gave myself a stern talking to,
cleaned the kitchen and dining room (with Lil's help)
then told her she had to do exactly what I said,
and be quiet,
because pie making was tricky business.

You think I'm joking.

Just as we got started measuring flour,
Tyler carried Lexi to the LEM, opened a window, and in she came.
To the kitchen.
Right by my left elbow.
(But only because Lily was already on the stool - otherwise, she would have immediately dragged over the stool)
I sent Tyler a text 

Only, I couldn't really come up with something else to do;
I needed to make the pies;
Lily was counting on making pies.
And now, I had not one, but two 'helpers'.

Before it was all said and done,
all four kids were helping me.

We made 4 pies.
Pretty pies, even.
(3 pumpkin, 1 cherry - although, I just couldn't bring myself to do a lattice top)
I did not cry.
I did not scream.
I did not have a fit.
And therefore, I think I am very deserving of this prestigious award.

Most Improved Piemaker.


  1. Wow, good job!
    I used store bought. I have strange pie crust rolling and transferring to pan issues...

  2. bravo! bravo! clap, clap ,clap!
    and a big for sure, Yum!
    love ,

  3. I was wondering what MIP stood for. haha :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the family!
    (it's just a normal workday here...sniff sniff)

  4. Lol! I'm proud of you girl! I happen to love making pie crust (using butter), but remember my mom making them (using Crisco) in the food processor when I was growing up. Applauding from over the hill!

  5. you could crumble it all up and mush it into the pan and it would taste just as good!!! good job sis! MIP!!

  6. I'm seriously proud of you. And jealous. If I have to make a pie crust, nobody better DARE step foot in the kitchen OR talk. In fact, it's best if everyone just leaves the house until the whole ordeal is over.

    So we have cake.


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