Monday, November 12, 2012

senior pictures

Saturday, I spent a few hours with Andrew, snapping senior pictures.
I really wanted to go later in the day, but that didn't work out, so we had some pretty harsh sun.
I wasn't overly pleased with my work, but here are my favorites.
I'm hoping maybe we can run out another time or two, spur of the moment, when the light promises to be fabulous. 
But it's pretty hard meeting up with a teenager...

I love this one ~ He'd said, "I know it's kinda weird, and most Seniors probably wouldn't want to take their picture in front of it,
but I kinda want to do one with the national cemetery in the background."
 I took the opportunity to encourage him that what everyone else thinks doesn't matter....
I ended up not being real thrilled with the 'real' shots I got, but after I took them,
before moving on, he turned and just looked at the cemetery for a second.
It being the day before Veteran's Day and all, I got a little misty...

 They may end up hiring Roselle to do his pictures,
and that's fine with me ~ I really don't have a clue what I'm doing
and I don't feel like I got any 'wow' shots,
but I had fun,
and was glad to get to spend a few hours with a great young man.
It made me want - even more than before - to learn my camera.

I can also see why photographers charge so much for senior pics ;-)

My prayer for Andrew is that he will be filled with the knowledge of God's will through spiritual wisdom and understanding.


  1. they were great photos! you both did good!
    Lord Bless!

  2. Fabulous job on Andrews pix and the perspective! I recognize many of the locations. My favorite is the first one, wait, I like the cemetery one... Oh I like them all!

  3. well I think they are pretty darn good! I love the settings! I really like the door with the old lock! we just got done doing Lindsey a few weeks ago.(and it was hard getting her to nail down a time, she kept cancelling until I said we are doing it or you just may have to go without!) Our friend did them, it was a cloudy day with a slight breeze so it was perfect...until he sprained his ankle on some rocks!...still waiting to get those back but we had to carry this big reflector thing to rflect light where he wanted it. one was white, and the other was a gold color. it was interesting and we had fun! good job sis!


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