Sunday, November 18, 2012

for the files, just in case

A solution made of 50% Simple Green and 50% water
excels at getting lovely silky Colorix crayon out of carpet.
You might want to file that away somewhere,
just so you have it,
you know,
in case you ever have an 8 year old vacuuming,
and he happens to drag and melt and smear royal blue crayon all over the house.
And after he realizes what he is doing,
chooses to continue
dragging and melting and smearing crayon with the vacuum, 
"Mom says the carpets need to be cleaned anyways."
And if this should ever happen to you,
 though I seriously doubt that it would,
you may want to check the roller thing on your vacuum,
just to make sure there aren't any bits of blue left in there....

And if,
you happen to set your metal chair leg (the one without the plastic cap, of course)
 with your full weight on it
on your dog's tail,
hydrogen peroxide works wonders on blood...

Such things likely will never happen in your home,
and certainly not in succession,
but if they ever did,
a fuzzy navel (or two)
may do a decent job of restoring your sanity, or at least some semblance of it...


  1. sounds like an interesting day! or was that all preventative suposing?
    was going to ask what a fuzzy naval is but I found out.
    what ever it takes to promote sanity.
    Lord Bless!

  2. two different evenings, actually, one right after the other.... the fuzzy navels were only consumed after the 2nd go-round of scrubbing carpets...

  3. Oh gosh, can't stop laughing! its just the way you tell your stories! sorry tho, about the doggie tail and the crayon! xoxo!!
    a fuzzy navel is a good thing now and then!!(wiping tears...)


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