Saturday, April 8, 2017

fun with a friend

I got to go up to NWA today 
to a quilt show
with a quilting friend.

We looked at quilts, and fabric,
and talked quilting for 8 hrs.

It was so much fun!

We even tried out an Innova long arm.

We tried out a smaller Babylock long arm (mid arm?) too,
but neither of us were impressed.
It wasn't smooth and the stitches didn't look nearly as nice as the Innova's.

My favorite quilt was a reconfigured rendition 
of Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage,
made by Barbara Hamernik
and quilted by Darlene Szabo

We got to talk to the maker for 10 minutes or so,
which was great.

I recognized it right off as (sort of) Lori Holt's pattern,
which I am not at all fond of
as written
(sorry, Lori)
but  made up like this,
with differently sized blocks,
(and some of the most 'country' blocks eliminated)
and in all reds and whites,
beautifully quilted,
I really like it.

(the judges really liked it too,
because she won first place in Judges Choice category)

We also visited for several minutes
with a spunky 75(ish) year old lady
who just recently started quilting.

I liked her!

That's all for now;
I'll share a few more pictures later...


  1. I had fun too! So glad we got to go together --and you ARE officially one of my favorite quilting buddies!!

  2. Oh, and I READ your blog!!! (Tee hee!) Several days of it!

  3. Quilt shows with a like minded friend are always fun.. It is amazing how different fabrics and a quilt makers interpretation of the pattern can change the complete look of a quilt.

  4. Hey, nice doodling! Guess you'd better be really (really) nice to Santa... ;-)

  5. Pfft. Using Chuck's computer changed my profile to "unknown". This is Carole, in case you couldn't guess!)

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! Stitching on a longarm machine is wonderful, isn't it? I tried it a couple of years ago and was impressed. But they cost a fortune...

    1. it was sooo nice! (gah! yes - they are pricey!)


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