Monday, April 3, 2017

the gloves

You probably see a perfectly worn in set of work gloves;
I see love.

Tyler surprised me with them
 when we were prepping for chickens
(wow - that was almost exactly 4 years ago)
(Man, I miss having chickens! )

He doesn't surprise me with gifts very often,
but when he does,
they're good!

For starters, these gloves are made of the softest leather
(cheery yellow leather, at that :-)
they have hot pink little beads 
on the ends of the adjuster strap!

They fit perfectly,
and needed no 'breaking in' to be comfortable.

 I have worn these gloves for every chore imaginable,
from pulling weeds,
and dragging brush and trash to the burn pile
And every single time I pull them on,
I feel loved.

Thanks, Love

(his most recent surprise gift - a central vacuum system!!
We finished installing the 'plumbing' for it this weekend :-)

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