Tuesday, April 4, 2017

talk to me about IG

picture by Jeremiah. 

I told y'all a few weeks ago that I finally joined Instagram.

I'm using it mainly as inspiration for quilts
 and quilting and pretty house things.

With that in mind - who should I follow??
(and if you want to follow me, I'm here.)

Is there any Instagram etiquette I need to know,
so I don't accidentally offend?
(or look like the complete ignoramus that I am)

How does one decide what hashtags to use??

Can you 'follow' a hashtag?
Like - say I want to see whenever someone posts something
with the selvege sewing hashtag,
is there a way to do that?

Is there a way to search for a hashtag
within a person's instagram account?

And what is it with filters?!?
I just want my pictures to look like the thing I took the picture of.

I see a lot of people say
'link to blog is in profile'
instead of including their blog address in the post.
why is this?


I started this post probably a month ago,
and I still have all these questions,
so please answer; they're not rhetorical ;-)

I've discovered that I am a little annoyed and confused
when people post the exact same thing
across social media platforms
(Instagram / blog / Facebook)
because I'm not sure where I should comment,
(certainly not both/all??)
and annoyed,
because I feel like it wastes my time.

(to clarify,
I think it's great to post a 'teaser' on IG or FB
and direct to a blog post
but the same exact entire post?


tell me, Wise Ones,
what do I need to know??


  1. You should follow me @quiltingmod, and who've er has something beautiful when you're scrolling through a hashtag. Use whatever hashtag identifies your most likely search terms. The link to blog in profile is because Instagram won't do links in posts and it's a pain for readers to have to cut and paste instead of just clicking. You do get one link in your profile. I post to multiple accounts because it captures a larger audience as some only do one type of social media. Comment on any, rather than all, unless you really want to. Commenting never hurts because it builds community and increases the chances of a post being viewed by others with the new formulas for readers seeing things (Instagram, Facebook). You can go to Search, and then Tags to see tags you've put in already, but you can't follow a hashtag, so far as I know. Filters, needed or not, can increase likes from a statistical perspective, but it depends what you're after.

    1. That was really thorough! Thank you, Afton!! :-)

      ~ Tracy


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