Friday, April 7, 2017

won't you be my neighbor?

Back in November,
when I was finishing up collecting fabrics

It was a touch on the bright side,
but I figured it'd be the perfect fabric 
to add to the collection of prints anyways.
Jordan loves big cities,
and her (new at the time) fiancee was living in Chicago,
so 'city' really needed to be represented somehow...

no - you haven't missed the 'finished quilt' post :-) we're waiting for the full photo shoot :-)

The problem was,
the gal only sold it by the yard.
I had already bought waay too much fabric for this quilt,
and I knew I would only use a very small bit,
as the plan for that quilt was use all the fabrics!
so I couldn't really justify buying a whole yard.
I had recently purchased a different 'city' fabric
and the scale was too big, so I was especially gun-shy.)

I sent a convo to the shop
and explained my situation 
and asked if she'd be willing to sell me just 
a half of a yard or, even better - a fat quarter.
I also asked what it would cost.

Sally wrote back simply,
'what is your address?'

I kinda thought 'what does it matter?!'
but then figured she probably needed it 
to give me an accurate shipping quote.
So I gave it to her.

She wrote back and said,
I'll send it out tomorrow. It's on me. 
Good luck with your quilt!

This was right after the election
 and there was just meanness everywhere.
But here was this person,
choosing to be kind.
(to a stranger, at that)

She could have sold me a FQ, or a half yard,
and that would have been plenty kind,
and I'd have been pleased,
but she went totally 'above and beyond'
and sent me a half yard cut 
for free.

I knew right then
that I wanted to do something to honor Sally,
and 'pay it forward'.

This week,  I sewed up a zip pouch
using a bit of the fabric she so graciously sent,
and I want to give it away.

To be entered in the drawing,
simply leave a comment
(make sure to leave an email if you're a no-reply blogger)
and tell me about a random act of kindness
that you've witnessed,
or been the giver or receiver of.
Or tell me about an idea you have 
to bless an unsuspecting person,
but you haven't had a chance to carry it out yet.
(or just leave a comment and say 'nice bag'
but I do love a story... ;-)

There is one tiny little catch.
If you win the giveaway,
I'd like you to 'pay it forward', too :-)
Make it a point 
to make someone's day,
like Sally made mine.

Shoot - you can do that
even if you don't win the giveaway ;-)

Sally has graciously given me a coupon code to share with you,
good until May 15th.
For 10% off
 your entire order in her shop (Fabrics by Sally)
use code: tracylou

Thank you, Sally,
for being such an excellent example of kindness and generosity,
and by your actions - reminding me to love.

linking up with Spring-y Amanda Jean :-)

Edited to add: Giveaway is over;
the zip pouch goes to Tami,
and I will make Sally a little something, too :-)

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories!


  1. You are wonderful and so was Sally!! I think you should make Sally something! :)

    1. You know ~ I thought of that as I was finishing up this bag. Guess I should get on that :-)

  2. Oh, I love this! It's gorgeous! I'm laying in bed and have been sick for 4 days. I'm never sick. This is crazy! Today, as I lay here I got a text from two wonderful ladies saying lunch and dinner were sitting outside my front door. I couldn't help but cry. What a blessing!

    1. oh, that was so sweet of them!! I hope you feel better very soon! It is no fun to be sick when you're the momma : /

  3. You should send the bag to Sally. I think that we are often reluctant to send things we've made to other people that craft, but I think they appreciate them most of all because they know how much time and work went into them. (I love to make zip pouches too, and you did a fabulous job of linin up the print in the finished bag.)

    1. What is your favorite pattern for a zip pouch? (and thanks for the sweet words)

  4. There are certainly more nice people than nasty. Unfortunately the nasty ones get most of the attention. Thank you Sally and The momma for reminding us all to be kind!

    1. the nasty ones are just so loud, sometimes. And of course, leading up to, and following the election, even normally kind people got a little crazy : /

  5. So very sweet of Sally, and now of you for paying it forward. ♡ Who knows what you're starting - maybe an avalanche of kindness! Let's hope so. :-) (My story is this - I was in line at the grocery store with a two dollar item in hand. I smiled at the young man in front of me. He had a large order on the counter, but I was in no rush and happily waited my turn. When his order was tallied he told the cashier to add my item to his bill. I had the money in my hand, so objected and showed him that I was prepared to pay, but he kindly and firmly insisted that it was on him. Next thing I knew, it was done! I was so touched that he would do such a thing, and it certainly brightened my day! :-) )

    1. yes ~ she reminds me of another generous person ;-) Oh, I hope there is an avalanche of kindness! Wouldn't THAT be wonderful?!
      Oh, I know that made your day. AND that it made *him* happy to bless you in that way :-)

    2. Awww, Carole, what a sweet story! I like the image of an avalanche of kindness, too!

  6. That's one thing we didn't talk about yesterday - didn't know about that neat person named Sally!
    And you are neat person, named Tracy. Ever since I met you, I have KNOWN you as a lover and a giver. Thanks for always giving stuff away - because you love! (COOL BAG!)

    1. I know - 8 hrs, and still so much to say.... :-)
      love YOU

  7. I was bought up on the saying "Don't return a favour, pass it on" and that way we spread kindness. Which is exactly what you have done. Although I always think it is possible to do both - why not return the favour and pass it on?

    1. I've never heard that phrase, but it's a good one. I like your take on it even better, though - why not both?!

  8. What a sweet post. I try to model little acts of kindness all day long for my kiddos at school. I have one student who faces a lot of challenges. Some days, he just can't make his body and brain activity the way they should. But he is sweet under it all, and I just love him. I was out of school for a few weeks this winter, taking care of first my mom then my daughter in the hospital. This sweet little guy asks me every so often how they're doing, and the genuine concern in his eyes makes me teary every time. He hugs me every day and checks to be sure he'll see me tomorrow. He melts my heart. In his own way, he understands that kindness matters.

    This little city pouch is adorable!!

    1. I am so glad that little guy has you!! Not all teachers would be so understanding and patient with him. What a little sweet heart he is (and has)!! I do hope both your mom and daughter are doing well. Thanks for sharing your story :-)
      ~ Tracy

  9. That bag is just so cute, especially with the hand stitching!
    After her adoption 18 yrs ago, my 22 yr old daughter routinely leaves me notes expressing
    her appreciation for accepting and loving her. I should give the bag to her:).

    1. Thanks! I like to add a but of hand stitching to pretty much everything :-)
      awww ~ that is sweet!

      ~ Tracy


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