Thursday, April 20, 2017

pattern testing for a rock star

maybe Judi Madsen isn't a rock star,
but she is a rockstar in the quilting world!!

She's best known for her quilting
(which is a-MAZing)
but she's also a pattern writer.

And I got to pattern test for her this week!!

It's not like she hunted me down 
because she's heard I was a great pattern tester
or anything;

she needed a few people who could make a test block super quickly
and I was available.
(the fact that I even responded is kinda funny,

But still I was tickled to get to do it.
(and maybe even a little bit braggy - 
I told Tyler I couldn't do anything else yesterday,
because I had a gig with a really famous quilter! :-)

I'll share my thoughts on the pattern soon.

California Dreamin' - how I love you. I thought I had used up all but a tiny tiny scrap of this pink on Jordan's quilt
and then I found 2 yards in my cabinet. I'd totally forgotten I'd found it on ebay and snatched it up. Happy day!

Now..... how to quilt it.... hmmmm


  1. Ahhh... you're getting quite the reputation as a pattern tester ; ) I love fussy cut goodness...looks like a fun block!

  2. I love this - your colour palette is fabulous as is that fussy cut. I think I am down to my last ittle scrap of that pink too.

  3. What an awesome block and a great fabric choice! You have some amazing fussy cut skills ;-)


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