Monday, May 1, 2017

's up?

I am woefully behind on blogging.

It seems that,
in the rare event
I actually have some time to write,
I can't remember the things I intended to post about.

What's sad about that is,
without my blog to help me remember,
most of those things are gone forever : / 
I don't have the steel trap mind 
I once had.

I miss it terribly.

I figure I'll start with a house update.

Last Tuesday,
we finished everything we needed to get done
before drywall could go up.


It felt so good to finally get that list completed!!

First thing Wednesday morning,
I went out and took pictures of all of the walls,
which I guess, if you wanted to get technical
was the last last thing on the list.

Tyler bought me flowers for my new porch :-)
I'm going to have to screw some hooks in,
which makes me terribly nervous, for some reason.
A sawhorse works just fine for now...

And then, it proceeded to rain all day.

Thursday morning, Tyler informed me that
the supply company said
before drywall could be delivered,
we had to beef up our drive with more gravel / rock)

They were concerned about trucks sinking or some such nonsense...

The kids and I spent hours moving about 11 or 12 tons of gravel on Thursday,
then Tyler got up early Friday and moved  another 1 1/2 - 2 tons before going to work.
It turned out that our dirt guy, could make it out Friday afternoon,
and he finished the job in less than 40 minutes 

Today, at 1:19
our sheetrock arrived!!

They were only able to get about 1/3 of it off the truck though;
the hydraulics went out,
so the crane wouldn't work.

They'll try again tomorrow...

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  1. How exciting for you, That list is getting closer to finished all the time now. I quite like the saw horse with those baskets hanging off them.


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