Thursday, May 25, 2017

this and that on Thursday

all of that inspired confidence I was feeling Tuesday morning
up and disappeared.

I sort of wandered around
and frittered away most of the day,
flitting between this and that
and nothing.

I hate when I do that;
it's so wasteful!
(I am okay with occasionally being unproductive
if I am resting - but this was not restful...)

I was eager,
but also, for some silly reason,
to start on my commission project.
Which I know in my head is just ridiculous,
but I was feeling it
none the less.

I finally managed to force myself to just get started.
and if you follow me on Instagram,
you know how that went.
(I sewed - quite a lot - without ever threading my needle)

I persevered
and I now have 7 blocks made.

I am not feeling 100% sure of my choices.
It should be scrappy,
but I wonder if maybe I've gotten too scrappy within the blocks.
(one block has 35 fabrics in it!
and I love it. But I'm not sure yet if it's right for this quilt.)

Time will tell,
and I can certainly remake them easily enough
if I decide it's needed.


The drywallers are slowly gettin' 'er done.

I am ready to not have people on my property,
or to be expecting people
to be on my property
every day.

Of course,
when that time comes
(and it will, very soon)
then that means that all of  the work left to do
is ours.


Speaking of - we may have settled on a main color
for the walls.
I need to go buy a sample,
and paint some of those scrap pieces of drywall
so I can test in different locations and lights
without painting all over my walls


I put the final stitches in the binding
of my flowering snowball quilt last night.

I love it.
Love it.

Tyler says I need to make another one to sell.

I certainly don't have a problem with that!


I've mentioned before that my machine is rather obstinate.
It's gotten to the point that I am looking at new machines,
although we most definitely aren't currently in the market for one!

I called the B-Sew Inn in Fayetteville yesterday,
as they are the closest Juki dealer,
and even though my machine has given me plenty of grief,
they really have excellent reputations
(further convincing me that mine is a lemon)
and are more affordable than other reputable brands.

The gal I talked with (Karen) was so sweet,
and she's given me hope that they can get my machine
to work as it should,
so I will take it with me
the next time I go up to visit with Gramma.


Tyler has this afternoon and tomorrow off :-)
Since we can't work on the house,
I'm thinking we should visit another waterfall...

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