Friday, May 19, 2017

more of the same

I'm on day 2 of a headache.
And I rarely ever get headaches.


After 13.5 hours of collective labor,
the kids and I finally got all of the drywall debris picked up.

This, of course,
doesn't include the mountain in the living room
that we still have to deal with,
once we figure out
what, exactly 
to do with it.


I wrote that yesterday


I'm now on day 3 of this headache,
Tyler and I spent 2 1/2 very fast paced
hours yesterday evening
eliminating the drywall mountain.
Along with every trace that there had even been
almost a ton of sheetrock piled in our living room.
(You think I exaggerate,
but the pile was easily 4 ft at it's peak,
and 15-16 feet in diameter.
That is a dang lot of  'scraps')

ok. so. maybe not 'every last trace'....

I had big plans of finishing the Sleeping Porch Series
last night,
but of course,
those plans were derailed
by the need to remove the pile immediately
for the mudders/tapers.

Since the kids were all at TaeKwonDo,
it was up to The Man and me.

I was so worn out
(remember, I had, earlier in the day,
already worked on tiny drywall scrap & dust removal, too...)
I went to bed before 10:00!

(early bedtime ended up being especially smart
since it stormed,
so we ended up with a girl in our bed by midnight
(because we always end up with a girl in our bed when it rains loudly...)
which means not much sleep for the momma.)

Both my left elbow and my right hand
are a bit angry with me right now,
(as is my back - but that doesn't affect hand quilting ;-)
so I don't know if I'll get to finish today either : /

I tried something new for the binding on this one;
I sewed the binding on the back,
and then sewed it down on the front
with big-stitch quilting
(the other two I bound entirely by machine)
and I really love it!


I can't believe it's almost June.

Where has the year gone?


Tyler has some work thing on June 10th
that we both need to go to.
I'm already stressing about it,
even though he prefaced the whole thing by saying,
"Now, don't go stressing about this, but...."
What can I say?
I'm not terribly comfortable around a bunch of  'professional' people.

I'm not terribly comfortable
around groups of people,


Jeremiah finished up the last of his schoolwork yesterday,
so it's officially summer for us.


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  1. Wow, where did you take all the drywall scraps? I suppose they had to be "unloaded" somewhere, too? Yikes. That's a good job done. Oh, I really like the big stitch binding! It works so well with your quilting style. What a brilliant idea!


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