Sunday, May 28, 2017

puttin in the pool, and then some

Instead of going on a nice, leisurely waterfall hike,
we've spent the last two days
working on a water feature of our own.

Which was, of course,
a much better use of time,
but goodness, I am beat!

We bought the pool the fall before last
at 50% off
but never made time to put it up last summer,
so Tyler told the kids we were definitely getting it in this year!
The other 2 times we put in a pool,
being either pregnant, or having a little one,
I wasn't very involved in the process.

The days of 'getting out of work' because of babies 
are long past
so I had to pull my weight
like everyone else.

We moved 10 tons of crusher dust
(because, of course
we couldn't have it dumped where we needed it...)
which was an absolutely filthy job

We really should have ordered 12 tons of crusher dust, though.
we realized it after the sand and gravel place closed.
For the long weekend....

We didn't want to have to wait 'til Tuesday to finish,
so Tyler and Brandon ran to Lowe's yesterday morning
to buy another 1 1/2 tons of sand
in 50 lb bags.

Turns out sand is much heavier than crusher dust,
so it didn't come close to filling the space.
But we didn't want to spend any more money,
so we (Tyler) lowered the our leveling post,
and our pad isn't quite as deep as we intended.

It took us (Tyler, Brandon, and I) several hours
to get it leveled.
There wasn't as much work for the 4 younger ones to do,
but they kept busy getting water
and salt
and keeping the post and the eye of the level cleaned.

If it hadn't been so hot,
it would have actually been fairly pleasant work.

When we finally had the pad ready,
everyone was needed to actually assemble the pool.

It was so stinking hot.
I may have gotten a little irritable.
Sorry, guys.
(In retrospect,
we should have offered up instructions
before we began assembly,
instead of during.)

I still need to finish smoothing the angled edges of the pad,
but I just couldn't do any more yesterday.

It stormed last night, which had us a bit worried
that the pool would get mangled
and the pad would wash away 
since it hasn't had a chance to harden,
but thankfully, all is well.

Thanks, Love.
You're a good Papa!


In other news, the drywall is ready for texture,
which they say they'll spray on Tuesday :-)

Drywallers are a messy bunch,
and I'll be happy to have them out of my house!

there are drips of soda all over the house, and a decent sized spill upstairs,
but this beats all. Slobs, I tell ya!!


Today is Church in the Park,
(and also Brandon's first day of (paid) work :-)

Tyler let me stay home
on account of my barely being able to move.
I've sat with a heating pad on my back for the past hour and a half,
but now it's time for me to get busy.
That quilt's not going to make itself...

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