Friday, May 12, 2017

this and that the day after Thursday

I've canceled the paper,
but it still comes.

The rates went up to $15 a month,
which I think is just crazy,
especially when
for the most part
all that gets read is the comics.

One day,
the kids
will go down to get it,
and there won't be a newspaper in the box.
And they will be a bit sad.


Between the honeysuckle and the privet blossoms,
it smells divine outside.


Our pond is full again,
thanks to all of the recent rain we've had.


It's been a year since we've seen
Tony and Kacy and Hadley.

(thank goodness for technology!!)

even though it had been a long time,
when it was less than a year,
the ache wasn't so bad.

It's also been a year since we've seen
Lana and Luke and the boys,
but that ache has been familiar for a long time....

it hasn't been quite so long since we've seen T and his crew,
and hopefully we will be able to coordinate schedules for a visit soon.


We did get to see Milo recently,
so that was fun.

I always think he is going to miss the kids so much
 when we leave;
he sure does love to play with them!
And of course
they all adore him.

They taught him to say 'butt' on Wednesday,
so they feel quite fulfilled.


Speaking of Wednesday,
it was our turn with Gramma.

For 4 years now,
we've been driving up to NWA
every six weeks
to visit
and take her out for a meal
(usually lunch, so I can avoid driving at night)
When we get back to her apartment,
the kids will usually play go fish with her
 while I tend to her feet.
After about 20 minutes,
she's ready for us to go.

She's had memory issues since her stroke several years ago,
but there has been notable decline
in cognitive function in the past year or so.

This time,
before we made it to the ice cream shop for dessert,
she'd forgotten we even went to dinner
(an hour made rather unpleasant by her complaining
the. entire. time.)

That was a little disheartening...


I brought home a big bag of clothes from my sister in law,
which prompted a quick sort and straighten
of my clothes shelves.

I like it when my shelves are tidy.


Speaking of tidy,
there are quite a few spaces in this house
that are nowhere near tidy,
and we are having friends over this evening,
so I best remedy that.

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  1. Yes to the scent of honeysuckle, not to the privet. To rush around cleaning when visitors are due it to "scurryfunge" isn't that a delightful word.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.


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