Thursday, May 4, 2017

for the birds

We've had multiple birds' nests
built in the new house.

The first one was when it was pretty much just sticks.

(the house; not the nest...)

I thought it was sweet.
And I left it.
The mama must've been killed;
I quit seeing her,
and the eggs never hatched.

The others were built
when we were a bit further along,
and I didn't want birds pecking at my wires and insulation and what not
so we removed the nests.

One went up in the garage,
and I figured - it's the garage,
it's practically outside.
And I let it stay.

Big mistake.


We've relocated the nest,
but they've been quite happy without it.
The little buggars won't leave!

There is bird poop all over the place
and they make such a ruckus.

The only good thing about this 
they're quite friendly.

(But I'm never allowing a bird to build a nest in or around the house again!)


  1. Yes they can get quite messy. Does that bring snakes closer to your living environment too?

  2. OMG, they are so cute!!! But I can well imagine the mess they make. We have a little bird nesting house above the balcony - don't ask... But I love it when I hear the little ones inside and to see the parents coming with worms to feed them.

  3. Good thing yours are friendly! When we lived in the country we had a barn swallow nest by our front door one year - the darn mother bird attacked us at every opportunity! After that we were vigilant about removing nests in their early stages so the birds would go to the barn where they belonged! (Though, it was super fun watching the babies line up on the handrail and learn how to fly - from a window where we could all feel safe, of course! ;) )


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