Thursday, June 1, 2017

wearing out blues

Things in this house are wearing out 
and falling apart
at a rapid rate.

The microwave was gurgling and sparking,
so I was heating up the cream for my coffee in a pan,
and just skipping my usual re-heats.

We only had to deal with that for about 5 days
and Tyler replaced it with one from a yard sale.
it's the same size as the old (or should I say, our former) one,
but the inside catches me by surprise
and makes me chuckle; it is so tiny.
The sticker inside the door says it was manufactured in '99!
Can you believe that?!

The washer.

it was bad!

I fixed it - twice
(earning myself the appliance repairperson badge ;-)
but for about 3 months now,
when it spins,
it sounds like there is a plane in the kitchen.
Annoying as hell,
but if I timed things right,
it wasn't too terribly awful.
About a month ago, it started leaking,
but it was just a little leak,
and if I only washed a load or two in a day
it was no big deal.
Here lately though, it's leaking pretty good with just one load.

The final straw
that the water would only fill up half the normal amount
(and it's a stupid HE washer that didn't 'fill up'
so Monday,
Tyler bought me a new used washer.

It also is  designed to use very little water.
What is up with that??
Don't they know
you need plenty of water to get rid of dirt?!

Brandon said that my dream washer 
is one from the 80's - that's still new.

He's right.

I want a washing machine that fills all the way up with water,
has an agitator
to really move those clothes around,
and doesn't have a dadgum lock.
It should have a second rinse option
(although, with enough water in the wash and 1st rinse,
that probably won't normally be necessary)
and a gentle cycle would be needed
for quilts that have lots of hand-quilting. 

That's it - that's all I want.

When they went to Lowe's Saturday
to get sand,
I told Tyler he may as well buy a new toilet seat. too.
I was trying to hold out for the new house,
but it's kinda gross 
to constantly have to fix the seat before you sit....

our vaccum is just barely limping along,
and I definitely don't want to have to buy another one
since we'll have a central vacuum in the new house
so that would really be a waste of money.

We won't even talk about the roof....
We're just hoping it holds out just a leeetle longer.

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  1. I hate it, when one of the machines in our house breakes down because the saying is, that it's always three of them... A couple of years ago it started with the freezer, then the washing machine and finally the iron. Quite an expensive time... I hope, we're done with that for a couple of years now... And I hope, you are so too!


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