Sunday, June 11, 2017

9 stitches

The instant I heard the screams,
I knew it wasn't good.

I threw back the covers,
ran to the door and opened it
to find Lex'
laying on the floor in the hall.

She'd somehow slipped,
and when she went down,
her arm was on one side of the (open) dog gate,
and her body was on the other,
 so that the metal bit that slides into the locking mechanism on the wall
 sliced her side, just under her armpit.

I quickly put a bandage on the gaping wound,
threw on clothes,
and Tyler and I hopped in the car to take her to Sparks 
while Brandon took the other kids to church.

The ER intake nurse asked her what happened,
and Lexi said,
"At Sunday school, we get points for bringing our Bibles..."

I told her she should probably just start with when she actually fell.
so she skipped ahead to 
"I was carrying Lily's pillow and sleeping bag and my Bible..."

The nurse was very patient with her (and a bit tickled)
and she eventually got the whole story out.

She was a trooper,
but getting the (7!) shots needed to numb it was rather awful.

She said she learned a lot about trust today.

And she is pretty dang proud of her hospital bracelet,
and her nine stitches.

I'm pretty proud of my tough little girl!

(Momma was not so tough, 
and almost passed out around stitch 2 😕)

The doc said she could still go to camp on Thursday,
she just can't swim,
so we are aiming for that.

I gotta admit it'll be a bit harder than usual to let her go though.

I guess it's a lesson in trust for me, 

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  1. I'm so sorry Lexi! Glad you can still go to camp though. :)


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