Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sleeping Porch Series

as I like to call them,
the 3 Sisters.

A few months ago,
my friend, HydeeAnn, started a series of quilts.
She used different fabrics,
but made the same pattern.

I knew I wanted to do the same thing,
only - different pattern
same fabrics -
and my Sleeping Porch Series was born.

First up, 

Bold, flashy, beautiful diamonds.

Next was Squares.

I thought she was going to be the easy one, 
the quick one,
but I thought wrong.

For all of her simplicity,
she took way more time and attention than I'd planned.

But -
with bamboo batting
and that lawn backing,
and the quilt top being 91% lawn, too
she is the dreamiest of them all.

Last, but not definitely not least,
we have 
Sparkling Stars
(because I obviously don't have stars out of my system yet 😏)

She took quite a bit of time,
what with all that piecing

but the quilting went pretty quickly

and, man!
I could just look at her all day long.

And guys - guess what??

They are all available


I have a shop now!!!
(Free advice gratefully accepted)
It's called Lily and Lex 💗

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  1. Goodness, three very very pretty quilts, I love them! Loved the washing line pic too! Thanks for linking up to 'sew stitch snap SHARE'


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