Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sleeping Porch, Diamonds

I know I just introduced you
to the finished Sleeping Porch Series,
but I wanted to give each quilt 
an opportunity to shine, on her own, if you will.

For Diamonds,
I made 80 half rectangles
  Heather Ross' silky Sleeping Porch cotton lawn
and Specktakular, in gold, by Art Gallery
and arranged them with Lexi's expert help.


I wish I would've tested before sewing up all 80,
because my corners did not match up 
about as often as they did.

I let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies, though,
because even with some sawed off points,
I think Diamonds is very striking.
(It'd actually look great hanging on a wall,
but gosh - I'd rather see a quilt getting used and snuggled)

Instead of quilting with a walking foot, 
I used a ruler foot and my add-a-quarter ruler
(which would have been far more enjoyable
 if my machine wasn't so finicky!)
I didn't mark anything, just picked certain 'landmarks'
as quilting guides.

And, of course, 
I added in a bit of hand quilting.
I hope the recipient loves that touch as much as I do....

I used a thrifted sheet as the backing,
to keep costs lower.
The bonus surprise
was the quilting looks really great on the back.

I decided to keep with the soft and silky theme,
and bind it with lawn,
so it's extra nice for little fingers to rub.

I hope the little one that gets this quilt
sleeps well under it,
plays and grows and learns new things on it,
and loves it to bits.

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