Thursday, June 15, 2017

things that make me smile

Some things that are making me smile
these days:

My man.
He makes me swoon;
I love him so.


Lily is home from camp!

She had a really rough time Monday night
but she had the best help getting through it
by a sweet Momma who pulled her bed right by hers
and held her hand,
and knew that essential oils
(even ones not exactly for sleep and calming...)
would make her feel more at home.

I hate that she was so sad,
but I am so thankful Mrs Amy was with her!!


Also while at camp,
Lily passed on buying a camp t-shirt
because she wanted to save her money to share with her friends
who were running out of cash.
(some of whom - you guessed it - had bought t-shirts
instead of saving their money for snacks)
(It doesn't make me smile that they have to buy their own snacks though...)


Lexi's wound is healing nicely.
It was tricky to let her go to camp, to be honest.
But Brandon will be going up tomorrow,
so that helped,
and Mrs Amy texted me last night
that she would be going again, and Lex' would be in her cabin,
which eased my mind tremendously.


Pretty pink flowers.

Tyler brought me flowers Friday,
and they definitely make me smile when I walk into the kitchen.

we have some wild roses by the creek;
I love being surprised by flashes of pink among the green.


I *think*
I've finally got the pool balanced.
I'm telling ya - it's been tricky this time!
Most likely because it took 3 days to get it filled,
and we left town right after...

My boy is 40% done with his summer class!

he won't have to take the second session class
he'd planned to take.
His favorite teacher will be teaching it in the fall,
and even though it overlaps another class one day each week,
he's managed to work it out so he can take it then.


Neither my hand or my elbow is terrible these days,
even after some pretty hard labor.


In one of the groups I'm in on FB,
someone asked a question about swimsuit sewing.
Since I am such a fan of it,
and have a fair amount of experience,
and had just posted,
I answered her question and included a link.

Another gal checked out my post,
and then asked if I sold my pattern.

I wouldn't have the first idea on how to go about doing that,
nor do I have the inclination to (attempt to) figure it out,
but I was flattered that she thought it would be worth buying


The boys spent some time with a friend 
while Lily was at camp,
so I was left with just Lexi for an afternoon
so we went out to eat
and  watched the new Beauty and the Beast movie.

We both thought it was really well done,
and can't wait to share it with Lily when it comes out on video.


I've had a pile of crap stuff at the foot of my bed for several weeks.

I finally took care of it this morning.

(now to tend to the other 1600 piles of crap in the house...)


Your comments.

Your sweet comments always make me smile.

I have good intentions of responding,
and then I forget to,
and then it's been so long it seems silly to....
But I do appreciate them!
And I love when you take the time to leave them.


Two coffee pods.

I'd grabbed one for Brandon when I grabbed mine 
early this morning.
Not knowing that,
he grabbed one for me,
when he got one for himself.

So now there are two pods next to the coffee maker,
and they both say, "I love you. I was thinking of you."

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