Saturday, June 20, 2009

and so it begins again II

We've been here before;
at the beginning stages of fulfilling a dream.
This time
it isn't our dream, but our children's.
How thankful I am that we can be a part
of making their dreams
The guys will be putting in 12 long very hot hours
of demolition work today.
before the real 'doing'
can begin.
Luke & Lana bought paint several weeks ago
in anticipation of this day.
well, yesterday, actually.
The day work on the house would begin.
at that time
we didn't know we'd have to re-do
of the electrical
we'd have a tree downed by a storm
before the purchase became final
leaving us with many hours
(and dollars!!)
of extra work needing to be done
before we can even begin to think about painting.
Of course
I say 'we' loosely.
Once again
I am at home with little ones
while everyone else gets to do the real work.
At least this time around
some of the little ones
are now big enough
to be helpers
at home

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