Monday, June 15, 2009

a boost to my ego

"So, what do they call you?"
he asked
as Lexi and I sat in his office.
I looked at him
"Nana? Granny? Mimi?"
he offers.
I suddenly,
decrepit old thing that I am,
realized what he was saying.
I said with a smile as I smooched my daughter.
to add insult to injury
he says,
Lexi and her old momma after a long hot day

I actually kinda like 'Mimi' though
Papa & Mimi ~ whatdya think?


  1. sorry. Mimi will work - that's *much* better than 'g-ma' :D

  2. yeah - G-ma just didn't roll off the tongue, did it??

    the whoel thing was actually kinda funny I couldn't believe he was just digging himself further into a hole! He had big beefy arms & all I could think, was TROGDOR.

    Incidently - 'he' is the insurance agent for the house....

  3. Man alive! He sure was BAD at judging age! (But then, so am I...) I hope he's better at judging matters when it comes to his job!

  4. PS. Can you send some of that heat this way?? I'm FREEZING!!!

  5. When my youngest was three she was asked if I was her grandma...she got SO Now when we have Brannan's boys with us and Chynell you can see people trying to figure it out..I prefer to just let them keep guessing.

  6. I don't think I've ever seen a pic of you before! You look beautiful! You honestly look mid-twenties in this pic! People can be thoughtless or rude. One of my friends this week had a cashier ask her if she was 8 months pregnant. She isn't preggo at all!


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