Thursday, June 11, 2009

just for fun

The girls and I were
more than a bit
As much as I prefer to be home
I thought a change of scenery might do us some good.
I needed a few things for bow-making
and I was hoping a little shopping trip
would work as a 'reset' button for the girls.
It worked.
sort of.
They were good while we were gone.
It didn't hurt any
that they were so darn cute
the ladies were especially friendly to them.
(those greens are the same color in real life. hmm )

since we were heading to town
I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to finally go to the
Just For Fun fabric store.
Such lovely fabrics!
They actually didn't have a ton
that called out to me to bring them home
(I didn't even buy anything
'course that's probably more
because everything was $8.50 - $10.00 per yard)
but the quality of the fabrics...
I just kept walking around feeling them.
And Lily was walking around
looking at the store - not the fabric.
Silly Lily.
She wandered back to an area where they do classes.
her little eyes were squinty from her smile
and she leaned to one side like she does,
"Look at the iron. That is a nice iron."
"Oooh, look, scissors."
"Oh! Look at the beautiful ceiling"
It was ceiling tiles.
To each her own, I guess...
While we were there
a lady was in buying fabric for a quilt back.
It was a big quilt;
she needed 7 1/2 yards.
The lady at the store, Kim,
double checked the math for her
to see if she could get by with less.
She couldn't.
Can you imagine?
She spent at least $63.75
for the back of her quilt
I hope I don't become a fabric snob.....
I think I'm safe, though;
I bought some fun
but not nearly so soft
fabric at Hancock's
to make Lily & I matching summer purses.
Never mind that I don't carry a purse
and she just got one.

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