Thursday, June 18, 2009


Way back
several years before we began homeschooling
TJ wrote a paper
on who he thought would make a great teacher.
He choose me.
"because she has great storms,"
he said.
This threw me a bit.
I read 'storms' as 'stories'
and thought
I don't do stories - Tyler tells the stories.
So I asked him about it.
now I get it......
today's brainstorm
(I still get 'em)
Tony and Brandon could make strawberry jam
the cooked kind - it's more like 'real jellies'
all by themselves!
It'd be great fun
they'd learn a new skill
they'd create wonderful memories
and be so proud of themselves!
So far
the jam boiled over
(and I mean boiled over!)
and covered the burner
setting off the smoke alarm.
They've both managed to burn themselves,
they don't like making jams and jellies
one bit,
and I've got at least an hour's work
in cleaning that burner
In their defense
I hadn't provided them with a big enough pot
and the same mess would have happened to me
but then
they wouldn't have this fabulous memory
some storms
are better
from a distance

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