Monday, June 8, 2009

on the bookshelf

I thought I might like to look back sometime and see
what I was reading
had just read
was going to read soon
in early summer 2009

that wasn't very helpful.

Maybe I ought to straighten things a bit
on my shelf
next to my nursing chair

much better.


This selection is a pretty good picture
(oh, I am so punny)
of who I am right now
I think


my Bible, of course
a thinline NIV
I think I would really enjoy an ESV
there's an Above Rubies magazine
although, this particular issue didn't really speak to me...
my Beeyoutiful catalog
I want way too many things I can not afford to use regularly;
they make everything seem so necessary...
(but, I suppose, that is exactly the point of a catalog)
a couple of books on natural remedies
so much to learn...
some books on nutrition
this one would have been much better
with fewer photos.
I'd pass on a book with this cover
and I'm not into diets - but rather healthy living
(which really is what the book is about, in spite of its name)
it was only $1.36 with free shipping.
'nuff said.
I am really enjoying the Mother Food book
and highly recommend it.
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
the rest are parenting / education books
I have several other early education books on a nearby shelf
that I will be re-reading soon
there's also
There's a Sheep in my Bathtub.
Tyler rarely buys me books
(which, now that I think of it
is odd
because I love books
but, then
I already buy as many as we can safely afford...)
he bought me this one.
I think it was because of the Mongolian humor.
He has decided I must be part Mongolian.
He said the book was guaranteed to make me laugh
and cry
or he'd get his money back
so he figured - either way it'd be worth it.
I did both.
(but not 'til the second half...)
and last but not least
there's a piece of paper with verses
that I use when disciplining the children
there you have it
I'm a
Mongolian mission-minded
without a sewing / quilting book

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  1. I'd like to borrow Mother food sometime.
    me :)


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