Friday, June 5, 2009

blueberries for breakfast

"Is it stupid to try
should I go?"
It's blueberry season
and we try to go picking at least once a week
till they're gone.
doesn't always happen
Trying to get this gang ready for vacation is a huge chore
I'm so glad I'm not having to get ready to go, too!
my angel-baby
hasn't been such an angel this week.
To add in a 2-3 hour early morning blueberry-picking trip
might be just the thing to put us all over the edge.
the only way to have berries in January
to pick them in June.
was the Picker of the Week.
We actually had to remind him
to eat some blueberries!
Never had to do that before;
usually it's
"one in the bucket, then one in your mouth"
over and over
Thanks, guys for all your diligent work
Thank-you, God
for giving us such delicious nutritious food

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  1. mmmmmmm, yummy!
    Josiah was a good helper - I'm glad you got a picture of him with blueberries for the blog, I bet he was tickled :)


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