Sunday, June 28, 2009

garden bounty

21.75 lbs of cukes and yellow squash
Sadly, our squash plants are mostly dead
I don't know what it is about us and squash...
But our cukes?
look fabulous!!
hundreds of blossoms still.
I am so excited;
we will,
for the first time ever,
be able to share
from our garden
We have one cantaloupe vine;
I was bummed, because that was all I could get.
One measly plant.
But the thing is massive;
it covers at least an 8x10 ft area
and there are probably
30 - 40 cantaloupes in varying stages out there
all we needed was a bit a poo
and God's blessing

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  1. Ok. Do I dare tell you that we FINALLY got our tomato plants in the ground?? Our late growing season this year combined with our busy schedule will probably result in zero tomatoes... sniff, sniff


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