Saturday, June 20, 2009

some favorites

Lana and Algie's first photo shoot
23 wks
(after which, Mimi was rewarded with a high five!)


  1. I'm gonna frame a copy of the next to last one for Algie's room :)
    I already framed 2 for Luke and one for dad - for father's day presents.

    thanks, Mom, you did SUCH a good job taking the pictures and setting up the shots. Don't do so good next time, they gave me grief when I wanted to get these printed - I needed the copyright!
    Ah, oh well...
    Anyways, it was worth the hassle!

  2. interesting; we were questioned regarding copyright one other time, too. what was the common denominator? oh yes, I remember.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Those turned out so beautifully!!! Wonderful, amazing....gorgeous. Baby will love to look back on them someday. I would love to have a photoshoot when I start having babies :D

    BTW, I am Maiden Princess sent here by Lana! She is getting bigger, and so cute :)

    Lovin Him,
    Maiden Princess

  4. Sheesh Lana you are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Can't wait to meet Algie (and kinda looking forward to seeing you again too:P)

  5. So gorgeous! I've never had these kind of photos done but they are special mementos. I'm curious if Algie is the baby's name? Did they find out the gender?

  6. no, just the nickname so we can avoid 'it' and the constant use of 'the baby' until Algie is born - at which time he/she will no longer be he/she to us, but we will know the gender :)


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