Sunday, June 14, 2009

more on good tools

Tony came in the room with a big grin
bouncing up and down on his toes
like he does when he's excited.

"Can I cut the grass?"
a little note to any sewing friends:
save up $10 and go buy a rolled hem foot.
I wasn't even sure there was such a thing;
I know of serged 'rolled hems', but not sewn ones.
We'd actually gone to the sewing center yesterday
to buy an invisible zipper foot;
I can't seem to find 'my' (Briggs) capris anywhere,
and I really need another pair or two
so I've decided to take apart a pair and make some myself.
While there,
I figured, what the hey, I'll ask.
They do make a metallic primer, after all...
So I asked.
"Is there a foot that sort of folds the fabric for you
so you can do a narrow hem ?"
Not only is there one - there are several!
I only bought one.
she ended up giving me the wrong size,
so I'll need to go back and get the one I originally wanted.

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  1. a rolled hem foot. I knew there must be SOME way to do it.
    I've never used anything but a normal foot before.
    BTW, notices Lexi's skirt in a previous post - CUTE!
    love you,


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