Monday, June 29, 2009

more bounty

from the dairy
this time
Lana kept the middle kids
while Tony and Lexi went with me to Claremore.
Let's just say that we were all 3 glad
that the girls didn't go with when the guys went to Florida...
I'm also glad that Tyler is usually the one to drive.
I'm pretty good with directions
I'm great with a map
but I'm not always so hot
with printed out google directions.
my little mishap
that added 30 minutes onto our trip
turned up a treasure;
a Fabric Mill Outlet.
and I just drove right on by...
I had some precious cargo to get home
I am so thankful to have a fridge full of goodness!
' course
sometimes not-so-good-for-you goodies
occasionally find their way in the fridge, too.
Thank-you, Lord
for the abundance in my kitchen right now

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  1. We had fun yesterday and MMMMM I am enjoying the milk and cheese! thank-you!


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