Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ben & Lily

Just in case you wonder what 4-year-olds talk about after church....

"Benjamin told me he was thinking about marrying me.
So, I'm thinking I will probably marry him.
He said he had a dream about that."
"Marrying you?" I asked Lily.
"Not exactly; he had a dream about our anniversaries.
We go out to dinner."

Sarah Beth (Ben's big sis) happened upon them
as they were having this conversation.
She said Ben had a real serious look on his face.
She asked what they were talking about
and he replied, "Just stuff."
Ever the female, Lily added a little more detail.
And she was sure to let SarahB know
they were waiting 'til they got bigger.

I don't know if that'll ever happen,
but it'd sure be sweet;
they could say 
in all honesty
they've loved each other their whole lives.


  1. is that a picture of Ben with Lily at the bottom? too cute!yes, I think the text is easier to read. course, I can just tilt my screen back a bit and it darkens even more. I think everyones settings on their screen will always cause things to appear a little different. where is your link to your craft blog?

  2. Yep - Ben & Lily in early fall, 2008

    do i need to put that link back?

  3. This used to be my Caleb and Sarah Beth...

  4. either put the link back or send it to my email so I can find it again :)I always went to your blog here to find any of the other blogs.


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