Wednesday, January 11, 2012

whaddya think?

I know;
I know.
I'm not big on change.
and yet, here I am, messing with the blog...
I've actually wanted a cleaner look for awhile
and once I clicked on a new template,
I wasn't sure how to get the old one back
so I just decided to go for it.
I don't know that I'm done yet,
but I've wasted a ridiculous amount of time today
messing with it, so I'm calling it quits for now.
That and I've already bugged Lynnet enough for one day...
and my brain hurts.

how to I get the header image to fill the space??


  1. it's cute, but the font (also cute) is a little difficult to read. maybe it's just me?
    also, i bet you could get the words in the header in red, if you wanted (not saying it needs it!)

  2. Lynnet likes it and she doesn't mind one bit. It just takes time to figure out something new and get it the way that YOU want it. Remember all those hours you've listened and watched me cry when I was first learning this certain skill??? I must have cried for 4 months! You can do it!!!

  3. I think its great! I love the pictures at the top, last night the font was a little hard to read, but today, not so much. different lighting I suppose. anything you do is always fabulous! love you!

  4. I darkened the text a bit (do you think it's better, too, Lana??) & I changed the 'post title' font - so hopefully that makes it easier to read....

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the header, and the word joy in red.
    I think the text is a bit easier to read this way. last night it showed up like a normal font, have you changed it a few times?

  6. oh, to get the header to fill the space, you will have to change the dimensions of the image in the html coding.... or maybe the new template designer has an easier way.

  7. I've changed it fifty zillion times....
    the new template designer is lacking when it comes to layout. I KNOW there has got to be a way to tell it to center that image, but I'm just not that smart... I tried resizing, but the round-about way I had to add the photo (couldn't just add it from the comp. for some reason)seems to be prohibiting my size adjustments from being seen....
    (is it any easier to read for you?)


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