Sunday, January 22, 2012

dipping my toes into hand quilting

First, I machine quilted diagonally 
across the patchwork section. (3.5 hrs)
Next, I free motion quilted some scriptures on the inner border.
(2 ish hours - still have one side to do)
Hand-quilting the pinwheels is next on the list.

As I suspected, I really enjoyed the stitching
and it was a nice break in a busy busy day.
That half a block took 30 minutes.
There are 40 pinwheels.
I'm gonna get faster.
I hope, I hope...

I'm also going to have to improve the back somehow...


  1. you quilt with your toes? you really are good!! that's not what you meant, OK, you're still really good!! The pinwheels look great!

  2. Oh, you are doing an absolutely fabulous job!!! I love it that you are going out of your comfort zone, ever learning, trying, and inspiring. I LOVE the way your did your FMQ and the way are adding zest to your beautiful pinwheel quilt. Because you dipped your toes into quilting, I was inspired. Thank you QL!

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