Thursday, January 12, 2012

bum foot bummer

I told Tyler yesterday
that I was going to go to today's appointment, 
expecting Dr Crotty (cringe) to tell me I'd need to keep wearing my boot.
That way, I wouldn't be disappointed with the news.
Not surprisingly - I have to keep wearing the boot.
(I grossly underestimated how much time I spend on my feet.)
What I wasn't expecting, though,
was for him to tell me that I'd need 'prescription orthotics'.
Unless I want to re-injure my foot.
And that,
is a bummer!!
it makes me feel really old.


  1. I'm so sorry!! But what ever keeps you walking is a good thing, right!
    Love you, girly!
    (you are still the baby girl for the longest)

  2. that shouldn't make you feel old! its just a shoe insert, right? they design those for sport enthusiasts and runners and the likes too, right? consider all the time spent on your feet as a great momma, a marathon sport, and then you won't feel so old!! it will help you from getting an achilles heel! (whatever that is) not sure I spelled that right?? Love you! I sit on my butt so much, do you think they make one for that? haha!

  3. Oh, you two gals make me laugh!
    I once dated a guy (ages ago!) who couldn't walk anywhere without those thingys in his shoes. And we weren't old...
    So, I agree with Terri. Think of yourself as a marathon runner. They will help to keep you going!


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