Friday, January 27, 2012

five things on Friday

Tyler has been gone all week.
Last night at dinner Lexi prayed,
 "Thank-you that Daddy is coming straight home."

You know it's rained a good bit here lately.
You also know we tend to have toilet troubles when it rains.
Tyler convinced me that if I just plunged it
while various boys covered up various plumbing air holes
(don't ask)
all our troubles would be over.
I plunged that sucker for ten minutes straight.
I have a blister.
from plunging.
But I still have poop in my pot.

We've got 3 sick kids.
Tummy bug sick.
Poor Lex' has just been miserable.
She asked, "what does miserable mean?"
I told her and she agreed, yes, she was miserable!

My hand-quilting is improving;
I haven't bled on my quilt in three days.
And I've got it down to about 45 minutes per block.
I've also learned that I do a better job 
if I don't try to watch a movie while quilting.

Maybe I didn't really learn that though,
'cause I've still been watching old Designing Women episodes
sometimes while I quilt, thanks to the reminder from BooMama.


  1. OH MY! Bless all your hearts, tummies and toilet!!
    My love and prayers!

  2. Oh Dear! Hope everyone is feeling better, and the toilet working again! I thought of you many times while tyler was gone, but figured calling to check on you would further complicate matters! Love you all!! Hugs!


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