Tuesday, January 10, 2012

shopping with my boy

Way back when,
back when we were a normal sized family,
living in a normal-sized house,
we were real organized.
We had a cleaning schedule,
a monthly menu,
a regular library day - weekly - complete with a picnic,
and I went grocery shopping every Thursday afternoon,
with 1 kid.
Which kid it was, was based on a 3 week rotation.

I wish I could get my act half as together as it used to be.

after church,
I had Tyler drop off Jeremiah and I at Walmart
while he took the rest of the kids and ran to Sam's.
I don't really prefer to shop on Sundays,
but it works for us right now.
And let's be honest, 
my not running to the grocery store on Sunday
isn't going to allow employees to not have to work Sunday...
But that's not the point.
The point is - it was really nice,
shoppin' with just my bub.
We checked price per ounce to make sure we got the best deal.
We guessed how much produce would weigh
and then guessed how much it would cost.
(Practical Mathematics, we used to call it)
We talked - although I can't remember about what.
We weren't in a huge rush.
It was nice.
Peaceful, even.
It reminded me of old times.
(Except we didn't get a secret snack.)

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  1. I was thinking of Jeremiah and wondering how he was doing. Glad to hear he's a good helper!


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