Tuesday, January 17, 2012

six weeks out

We've been wheat-free for a little over six weeks now.
Off the top of my head, here's what I've noticed:
I should also note that when we dropped the wheat
-and dramatically reduced our intake of other grains and starchy carbs-
we upped our intake of green veggies and healthy oils
I'd say olive oil consumption has actually decreased, 
due to the not making bread & tortillas)
We're also eating a ton of almonds
and a good bit of coconut.
Oh. and grassfed beef - as of 2 weeks ago.

I'd say the most obvious difference
we are all eating quite a bit less than we used to.
Except for Josiah - he is actually eating a bit more.
Jeremiah is able to exercise self control with food,
which is something we have never seen before;
he'll eat a small portion
and be full
and quit eating.
It's really quite remarkable.
Actually, we've all had more self-control food-wise,
and not felt deprived.
Also quite remarkable.

I have noticed
(and I fully admit these things may or may not be relevant)
 my skin seems clearer,
I had my first pain-free (and short) period in years.
(without taking tons of garlic!)
I haven't had nearly as much joint pain as I've been having.
For several months, my hands were often swollen and sore
so that I had difficulty opening jars, writing,
cutting food,
and doing hand-sewing.
I was so sad to think
 that I'd have to machine-sew my quilt bindings.
Let's see - what else?
I've lost 11 lbs.
Which I think isn't all that impressive considering
how much weight I have to lose
and the fact that I cut out the bottom level of the food pyramid.
when I also consider that
I've done very little exercising
and a good bit of sitting on my rump 
with my foot elevated lately,
11 lbs isn't so bad, after all.
Tyler, Brandon, and Jeremiah have all lost weight, too.

The one thing I haven't seen 
that I was hoping to - is a surge of energy.
Lots of people mentioned having so much energy
after going off wheat,
but I haven't noticed that at all.
Tyler, though, has not felt as drained as he usually feels.
He'll get some lab work done soon,
which will let us know if this way of eating 
has been successful with lowering his blood sugar,
blood pressure, and LDL levels.
 we'll take it from there.....


  1. one thing i have noticed, things that didn't taste good to me before do now (i didn't like coconut butter much at first - not to where i could just eat a spoonful - now i can! i also made a dressing of nearly half olive oil and did not mind the olive oil.) and other, 'fake food' kind of things, taste yucky. I might just toss the rest of the velveeta...

  2. WOW!!! I am quite impressed with your whole report! I really wish I knew what to eat and cook, I have really struggled with this! I need a sit down with you so you can help me! nothing has changed here, and I really want to! I AM enjoying my other sugars tho, even the erythitol! It makes me feel good,that I have at least changed that!

  3. I've been tossing around the idea of doing a wheat free food blog with Lana & Kaylana (Surprise, girls...;-) so we can share recipes and ideas easily. kinda waiting on Tyler's labwork...

  4. I am very proud of all of you!!
    We would all enjoy your ideas and recipes and maybe throw in any cost difference noted.
    Good job every one!!

  5. I dont' have much time to comment and I really, really want to!
    A joint blog would be interesting...
    I can't find the other sugars yet, but still trying.
    The alternative flours seem to be different too. We can give it a try though!
    More later...

  6. Oh Tracy, THAT would be awesome!

  7. i'd be in :D although i'm prolly gonna be the strange gaps/nut allergy poster with way far out ideas :D
    (okay, the gaps diet, if it helps me, might seriously eliminate the nut allergy AND make me able to eat more traditional wheat foods again - like real sourdough bread.... but that'd be a long run thing.)


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