Sunday, January 8, 2012

a really long post about not much of anything

Tyler and I stayed up waaaay too late last night,
messing with house plans.
Once upon a time - we did that for fun.
For fun!
It isn't fun anymore.
In fact,
I kinda hate it ~ there's so much pressure now
to come up with the perfect plan.
And you can forget finding a plan online
or in a book that would be a good fit for us!
We were up past 2.
And still, I couldn't get to sleep for over an hour.
I couldn't take melatonin, since I wouldn't be getting 
anywhere near 8 hours of sleep.
Although, now I'm wondering - if I'd have taken a half a pill,
do you think maybe it would have only released for 4 hours??

I haven't been drinking coffee regularly lately;
just don't really want it most days.
seeing that I was short on sleep,
I figured I ought to make some this morning
and here is how my day started
once I finally drug myself out of bed:

Apparently, my coffee bag had a hole,
and as I filled my little pot, I dumped an equal amount....
I sent Tyler a text
'I hope this isn't indicative of my day'.
I'll spare you the details, but my next text to him
(sent an hour and a half later while at a red light, 
after sighting the train, after leaving the house late)
Things are conspiring against me.

On the way to church, I realized that Lexi hadn't gone potty yet,
so I decided that everyone should go - for good measure -
and told the kids nobody was going potty during the service.
This was going to add several minutes...
After pottying, (what? that's not a word?)
we visited for a few minutes in the bathroom with a sweet gal,
and as we walked down the hall,
(finally - about 5 minutes late)
Lily says with a huge smile, 
while practicing her Fancy Nancy walking,
"Well, that was really fun, in the bathroom!"

We should get out more.

We got a little closer to the Gathering Area,
and I could see that there was some kind of celebration going on.
I was trying to remember if I knew what it might be
when I saw Grandma Bess!!
100 year old Grandma Bess!

I guess things weren't conspiring against me, after all.

(as a bonus - the kids were super during church. 
All of them. The entire service. 


  1. Amen!
    Umm... my coffee spills like that nearly every time. That's why vacuums are so handy.
    Hugs Dear! live to 100!

  2. maybe, Sis, you should use a spoon :-)
    oh, Kaylana ~ you should see this woman! She is the most beautiful person I know! sooo sweet!

  3. I love gramma Bess, wish i'd known it was going to be her hundredth! (100, really? can she be 100?!)

  4. sweet "family room" moments-
    Lord Bless Grandma Bess!!


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